Cultural Curriculum

We realise that the only way a culture gets conserved is when it is promoted. Mere documenting it does not help. It is best promoted when it is used in the context of a school and children are using it in some form or other. This ensures that it is handed down to the next generation and will be passed on too. It is in this context that we have planned this whole programme.
So far we have gathered together some of the stories, songs and riddles. Whatever could be used for children have been used but it has not been much. Also given the fact that these did not really pertain to the curriculum of the government we were unable to put them to good use. Now that we can work on our own curriculum we are keen on having whatever we can introduce.

Documenting Knowledge

This year we have decided to take up Medicinal plants and honey collection for documentation. Each year we can decide on some topics like these depending upon availability of people to do the documentation. Over the years we can build up a good store of their knowledge.

Introducing in curriculum

We have decided that as and when such information is gathered we would immediately introduce them into the curriculum at the various levels. Another aspect that is being introduced in the current year is the history of the adivasis in Gudalur.

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