Mundakkunnu village sets its own nutrition center to address malnutrition

In Mundakkunnu village, where Kattunaikkan tribe have been living for many years the villagers faced a problem of severe malnutrition in children below 5 years. Sending them to Balawadi could help to prevent malnutrition – however the nearest Balawadi was 3 km away from the village which makes it difficult for the parents to drop their children there.

To address this issue, Vidyodaya village team and parents decided to build a nutrition centre in their village itself. They brought village youths and built the centre with traditional locally available materials.

nutrition-center-mundakkunnu-2 nutrition-center-mundakkunnu-1






With this initiative, there is awareness about the malnutrition in village and more children are sent to the nutrition centre. Now we have 15 children in the centre.


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