Changemaker School



Vidyodaya is now an “ASHOKA CHANGEMAKER SCHOOL”!! With your constant support we are here – recognized as a Changemaker school in India by ASHOKA. Every child, teacher and member of the team in Vidyodaya is proud about this recognition.

ASHOKA has so far identified around 100 schools across 25 countries in the world (including 7 in India) as Changemaker schools. These schools emphasize empathy, teamwork, leadership and creativity, and encourage their students to become agents of change.

A video by ASHOKA foundation about our school. It talks about why we needed a school, how unique is our school in retaining tribal culture & values and our teachers & ex-students talking about their experiences of the school.


As an ASHOKA Changemaker school, Vidyodaya will collaborate with Ashoka and other Changemaker schools in the network to extend ideas and influence, share insights and practices, to build upon what we have achieved so far.

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