The Adivasi Scholarship Fund was set up in 2010, with seed money of Rs.2 lakhs contributed by friends and wellwishers. As more and more students reach university, the need for scholarships to support them is growing fast. Over the last year, 19 students have received scholarships for higher education. Many students prefer to work, alongside their studies.

2010 – 11
Total Scholarships Given
Rs2,00,000/- Rs1,34,354/-

Name Village Course
1 Karpagam Ambarvayal MA Tamil
2 P Shanti Muchikundu B Lit Tamil
3 R Shanti Vazhavayal Bcom
4 Meena Puliyamvayal B Lit Tamil
5 Parvathi Kariashola BA Tamil
6 Vijaya Kanchikolli B Lit Tamil
7 S Shanti Kariashola BA Tamil
8 Manikandan Nambolankottai B Lit Tamil
9 Chandran Nambolankottai B Lit Tamil
10 Saroja Pannikolly B Lit Tamil
11 Parvathi Veeramanga BA Tamil
12 Saravanan Chomara B Lit Tamil
13 Girija Kapalla BA Tamil
14 Prasad Kootattu B Lit Tamil
15 Radha Onimoola B Lit Tamil
16 Bindu Nedungode B Lit Tamil
17 Meenakshi Melambalam 12th Standard
18 Ramya Melambalam 10th Standard
19 Kumar Kamarajnagar B Ed
20 Vijesh Karakuni M Tech
21 Pravitha Onimoola Polytechnic
22 Radha Kundalkadavu 12th Standard
23 Soumya Kottamoola 12th Standard
24 Savithri Kottamoola 12th Standard
25 Babu Thavumoola B Lit Tamil
26 Suresh Board B Lit Tamil
27 Sekar Kadachankolli B Lit Tamil

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