Children Camps

Camps are held over weekends or during the term holidays. Teenage children come to a particular center and take part in multiple activities ranging from computer classes to games to cultural activities. Although most of these activities are planned so that the children get to learn what they would otherwise not learn at school, a lot of other inputs get included in a very unobtrusive way.

We have heard from many of the youth that their decision to go on for higher studies or get involved with the Sangam activities has been largely due to the influence of the camps they had attended.

They mentioned that at the camps the ideas discussed the questions raised and the challenges they would face in future, had all contributed to the direction and the decisions they had made.

The trust thus believes that the youth have to build their future and that camps play a significant role in shaping their future.

Below you can read more on some of our camps.

Children Camp – May 2018

To make future leaders


Facilitators: 13

Villages covered: 11


  • Alcoholism

This is major problem that we face in the community: Here Vijay kumar shared his experience on struggles during alcoholic days and with great determination how did he come out of it.


  • Unity

To solve any problem in the village we need to be united. Unity brings strength by Stan

  • Questioning

To fight injustice in the community we need to ask relevant questions to solve – by Ramdas

  • Herbal Medicine

A workshop made us understanding the importance of traditional medicine and its uses.

    • Drama

Art form which broke our fear to speak in public and made us confident.

Special performance by our facilitators

  • Planning

Making sure all the activities goes smoothly

  • Games

Lots of fun activities which brought everyone together

  • Food

    To add to the flavor to the camp
  • Feedback

” I have always been afraid to talk in public and after successful drama I am very confident”                    –  Kamalakshi, participant

” All the sessions went effortlessly. Great team work ”
                                                                                    –   Intern from Banglore

 ” I never thought I have loud voice to run sessions for so many kids.I am happy with myself. I am looking forward to next camp.”
                                              –  Parvathi, Facilitator


Children Camp – December 2017

Children Camp has always proved to be effective – the learning that happens during these camps are intangible. Despite the freezing cold of December, we had a very interesting and exciting camp at
Gudalur campus during December 28th to 31st where the camp was run by the children itself. 84 adivasi children from different villages participated in the camp. VBVT Area education co-ordinators, teachers and members facilitated the program.

The camp included various activities including

  • Drama & dance
  • Learning craft,
  • Critical Thinking sessions through Movies
  • Introduction to Adivasi Munnetra Sangam and VBVT
  • Visits to Adivasi hospital and Just Change Soap Unit.
  • Team building activities





The objective of the camp is that the participants would learn varied things during this camp and they would take back to the community/villages and teach – during this process the children would become an anchor/leader/resource person in their villages. That way we can build young leaders in the adivasi community.

The benefits of the camp was immediately realized by the participants and their feedback has given the community hope and spirit to run many similar camps.


I never thought I will be able to teach something like craft. It has given me  immense confidence” – Kethi, Young Trainer

I feel sad to leave after this camp yet I have learnt so many things from the camp. I am motivated to go back and teach in my village” – Kutti Krishnan, Participant

Despite the cold everyone took part in all the activities with great interest without complaining” – Karalan, Facilitator.

This is an opportunity for us to thank Srinivas who rode a 1000 km cycling tour in the Nilgiris(Blue Mountains) from the 10th Dec to 17th Dec to raise funds for this camp. Thank You Srinivas – such support always helps us.



Camps for Children 2016

Camps had always played an important role to build relationships among the children. 92 children attended the camps this year – with lot of learning, brainstorming, fun, observations, discussions and reflections.

Children Participation Info:
Kattunayakan Betta kurumbha Paniya Boys Girls Total
Camp 1
Devala        May 3 – 6
1 1 24 4 22 26
Camp 2
Ayyankolly May 10 – 13
 –  – 26 5 21 26
Camp 3
Ponnani    May 20 – 23
2 2 36 20 20 40
Total 3 3 86 29 63 92

Activities in the Camps:

Village Visit:

Talking to the village Thalaivar
Observations about the village
Observations about the village
Discussing and Reflecting about the village
Discussing and Reflecting about the village

Cultural Songs and Dance:

Cultural dance at the village

Anti-Alcoholism sessions:

Anti-alcoholism discussion
Anti-alcoholism discussion

Art & Craft:

T-shirt painting : Reflecting their adivasi values through art
T-shirt painting : Reflecting their adivasi values through art

Sports: Frisbee Training

A sport that is enjoyed by both boys and the girls
A sport that is enjoyed by both boys and the girls

Camp 1 (Devala):

Camp 1

Camp 2 (Ayyankolly):

Camp 2
Camp 2

Camp 3 (Ponnani):

Camp 3
Camp 3

Feedback from the Children:

  • We wish the camps run for 2 weeks.
  • We got some ideas to tackle the problem of alcoholism
  • I have got one more family and will keep in touch.
  • We learnt about different adivasi culture.
  • We would like to have regular monthly camps with the teachers.

VBVT would like to thank the donors who supported the camps.


Camps for Children 2015



Vidyodaya School, Gudalur, organized a camp for thirty students from four different tribes in Ponnani village. Every day the children divided themselves into two groups and went on a ‘padayatra’ through the local villages. They had conversations with the elders as well as the children and advocated for the need for education and campaigned against child labour and alcoholism. The campaign was very successful as many children enrolled themselves in school. We found that children sharing their ideas with others were far more effective than adults.


Children camps play an important role in improving the confidence of children and their understanding about the society at large.

These are motivational programmes conducted from time to time especially for those from newer villages. They provide a number of inputs besides a good introduction to AMS, its activities and also to cultural inputs. These help to build a sense of dignity and pride in their backgrounds.

Camps are usually the first level intervention in a village and the rather shy and reserved boys and girls who have never been outside their villages get an opportunity to meet and interact with other children from other villages and tribes. They also get an opportunity to show their talents and learn about the AMS and to be proud of their culture.