Vocational Skills

To provide students with counselling in courses and jobs available, training in the skills needed and support in placement or in setting up units.


Counselling has been an important part of the post-elementary school programme. As the adivasi children are first generation learners they have very little idea of the academic possibilities and vocational opportunities. Under these circumstance it is important that we provide them the information in higher education and in skills training. Regular counselling sessions are done for such children.

Skills training

Skill training so far has been with local training centres and as apprentices in local work places. While this is being continued, it is now being considered to have a formal arrangement with the Jan Shikshan Samsthan in Coimbatore to government certified training courses to the youth. These course will be more rigorous and will also offer better job opportunities.


Employment opportunities are being looked into and so an Employment bureau for those who complete training is set up. Secondly, the bureau is also ensuring that they are registered with the Employment exchange and their application are renewed regularly as this is another problem that we face.


It is important that the adivasis do not see themselves only as employees but also as entrepreneurs. For this they need some training in running and managing units of their own. This is being provided and the required financial support is also extended.